Pyrococcus sRNA Name Mapping

The two tables below are provided to give easy translation between the two discordant naming schemes for Pyrococcus sRNA genes presented in Omer et al. and Gaspin et al..

Three sRNAs were identified by Gaspin et al. (sR38, sR34, sR39) that were not described in Omer et al.. These sRNAs were given the next three unused consecutive names (sR58-sR60) above the Omer et al. sRNA names to allow one consistent naming system (referred to as Lowe/Eddy on this website). Thirteen sRNAs were identified in Omer et al. (sR22, sR25, sR27, sR30, sR31, sR32, sR40, sR41, sR46, sR49, sR53, sR56, sR57) that were not described in Gaspin et al..

Note: Genome locus coordinates within Gaspin et al. (Table 1) are incorrect for 24 of the 46 sRNA genes (all sRNAs on the negative strand) according to the current version of the P. abyssi genome. Consequently, determination of overlapping gene identifications between the Gaspin et al. set and the Omer et al. P. abyssi sRNAs is only possible by direct sequence comparison, or use of the tables below.

Update Notes

Sorted by Gaspin et al. sRNA number

Gaspin sRNA Number Lowe/Eddy sRNA Number
sR01 sR24
sR02 sR18
sR03 sR21
sR04 sR50
sR05 sR11
sR06 sR06
sR07 sR47
sR08 sR05
sR09 sR12
sR10 sR02
sR11 sR28
sR12 sR26
sR13 sR44
sR14 sR15
sR15 sR16
sR16 sR23
sR17 sR07
sR18 sR19
sR19 sR09
sR20 sR51
sR21 sR14
sR22 sR17
sR23 sR01
sR24 sR10
sR25 sR03
sR26 sR54
sR27 sR35
sR28 sR37
sR29 sR08
sR30 sR42
sR31 sR20
sR32 sR04
sR33 sR13
sR34 sR59
sR35 sR29
sR36 sR55
sR37 sR52
sR38 sR58
sR39 sR60
sR40 sR39
sR41 sR48
sR42 sR36
sR43 sR43
sR44 sR45
sR45 sR34
sR46 sR38

Sorted by Lowe/Eddy sRNA number

Lowe/Eddy sRNA Number Gaspin sRNA Number
sR01 sR23
sR02 sR10
sR03 sR25
sR04 sR32
sR05 sR08
sR06 sR06
sR07 sR17
sR08 sR29
sR09 sR19
sR10 sR24
sR11 sR05
sR12 sR09
sR13 sR33
sR14 sR21
sR15 sR14
sR16 sR15
sR17 sR22
sR18 sR02
sR19 sR18
sR20 sR31
sR21 sR03
sR22 None
sR23 sR16
sR24 sR01
sR25 None
sR26 sR12
sR27 None
sR28 sR11
sR29 sR35
sR30 None
sR31 None
sR32 None
sR34 sR45
sR35 sR27
sR36 sR42
sR37 sR28
sR38 sR46
sR39 sR40
sR40 None
sR41 None
sR42 sR30
sR43 sR43
sR44 sR13
sR45 sR44
sR46 None
sR47 sR07
sR48 sR41
sR49 None
sR50 sR04
sR51 sR20
sR52 sR37
sR53 None
sR54 sR26
sR55 sR36
sR56 None
sR57 None
sR58 sR38
sR59 sR34
sR60 sR39

Update Notes

Note (11/29/00): More corrections to the mapping table: Gaspin et al. sR43 corresponds to Omer et al. sR43 (not sR58/61). Gaspin et al. sR38 now corresponds to Lowe/Eddy sR58. All text & tables have been updated accordingly.

Note (7/25/00): What formerly was being called sR58 was actually already identified and named by Omer et al. as sR37. Now, Gaspin et al. sR28 correctly corresponds to Omer et al. sR37 (not sR58). To fill the gap in numbering, sR61 became sR58. The text and tables on this page reflect the corrected sR numbers.