Archaeoglobus fulgidus sRNA Annotation

Name Guide Box Target RNA Target Position Match/Mismatch
sR1  D' 23S C2604 9/1
  D 23S U140 10/1
  D 23S U2559 9/0
sR2  D' 16S U15 11/1
  D 16S U849 11/0
sR3  D' tRNA Trp C39 14/1
  D tRNA Trp C34 12/0
sR4  D tRNA Leu-CAA C34 10/0

None of the Afu predictions have been verified as RNA transcripts by primer extension. Guide Box: the position of the guide within the sRNA (D or D' box associated). Target RNA: predicted target of methylation. Target Position: predicted nucleotide postion of methylation. Match/Mismatch: the number of Watson-Crick and G-U matches / mismatches within the sRNA-target RNA duplex.