Todd M. Lowe, Ph.D.

Physical Sciences Bldg Rm 320
(831) 459-1511
(831) 459-3139

Postal Mail

Biomolecular Engineering
University of California
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Dry Lab

Physical Sciences Bldg Rm 319
(831) 459-2684

Wet Lab

Biomedical Building 135
(831) 459-5128

Lab Deliveries

Lowe Lab, 135 Biomedical Building
University of California
Thimann Receiving
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Directions to the Lowe Lab

From San Francisco or Palo Alto, take 280 south, then 85 south when you get to it. Follow 85 south to Rt. 17, head south to Santa Cruz. You'll be on Rt. 17 for about 20 miles.

When you get over the mountain and past Scott's Valley, you'll approach the junction with Rt. 1. Go PAST the Rt. 1 South exit, and get in the right lane. Take Rt.1 North (if you are not in the right lane, you'll end up going to "Beaches", not where you want to be.).

Once you're on Rt. 1 N, you'll pass River Street, and the road will curve around to the right. Keep following the signs to stay on 1 North. Stay in the right lane and you will turn onto Mission Street in less than a mile (again this is still Rt. 1). Just 10 yards after bearing right onto Mission, take the first right onto Highland St. Follow Highland until it dead-ends at High Street. Turn left onto High street, and follow up the hill for several miles. You'll pass two stop lights. The second stop light is Bay/Coolidge, which is the main UCSC entrance, but you want the other entrance, so stay on High Street another mile. You'll pass the Arboretum, then get to the UCSC WEST entrance on your right. Turn into the WEST entrance and look at your odometer. Go exactly 0.9 miles on this road -- it will twist and turn, and go through several stop signs.

At 0.9 miles, you'll be at a stop sign with a parking garage on your right, labelled "Core West Parking". Go into the parking garage and park at one of the hourly pay spaces and pay at the meter machine on level 2 as you exit the garage on foot. If you are a visiting speaker, please park in any non-handicap, non-carpool space, and make sure to ask me for a day-parking permit on your arrival, or arrange with me to pick one up at the main gate to the campus.

Exit the parking structure on foot on Level 2, at the end opposite you entered by car. You should see a blocked-off car entrance lead up to a path. Follow the path to the right (you'll be walking on Steinhart Way at this point). The first building you'll get to on your left is the Physical Sciences Building (colored orange and brown earth tones). Go in any open door, and go up to the third floor -- my office in 320, in the short wing of the building (turn right when you get off the elevator or come out of the stair well).

Link to interactive Campus Map